Banking & Finance


Advice on all banking and insurance matters for business entities. Drafting of loan documentation, mortgage, and hypothecation agreements. Establishment of representative office of foreign financial institutions.

Real Estate


  • Identify appropriate property.
  • Negotiate between the seller and the buyers.
  • Transfer of ownership – deed of conveyance.
  • Mortgage agreements and registration.
  • Lease Agreement.
  • Building Contracts.
  • Service Agreements.
  • Tax advice on transactions.



Preparatory arrangements, negotiations, formation, licensing and registration of al types of enterprise.

Drafting of documents such as memorandum of Understanding, letters of intent, articles of association, resolution, amendments and the like.

Advice and guidance to establishments and companies in their daily activities and transactions

Mergers, acquisitions and takeovers.

Liquidation and closure of corporations and partnership.



  • Advice on Structuring of the transactions.
  • Drafting of negotiable instruments
  • Drafting of commercial agencies, distributorship and and franchise agreements and registration of such agreements with the concerned authorities as required by law.
  • Advice on commercial loans and drafting of loan agreements.
  • Drafting of sales & purchase agreements.



Advice, Vetting and drafting of all types of contracts.



Advice on Commercial Aviation & Travel Agencies. Drafting of Agency and General Sales Agency agreements




Advising ship owners, ship chandlers, charterers and cargo owners.

Land Transportation


Advice transporting and rent-a-car companies.



Advice on all types of insurance matters

Intellectual Property

Advice on registration and protection of trade marks, patents, and copy-rights.

Information Technology

Advice on cyber laws, electronic commerce and software laws, data protection, privacy issues, domain names, software protection, software purchase contracts, digital signatures, cyber crimes and online agreements.

Alternative Disputes Resolution

Advice and handling alternative disputes such as; mediation, negotiation, arbitration etc., to avoid time consuming litigation


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