Historic speech after 54 days Caste Away Bharat Yathra by K K Bose at Jantar Mantar Delhi

India, my country, is still in the Stone Age. Few people, the so called, savarnas (fair skinned), say about 15 to 20% in which I also include, are treating the Bharatvasis, the real landlords of India, as war criminals in the name of SC, ST, OBC, etc. The so called, Dalits are in the bottom of the war criminals as per Hindu caste system and Indian Constitution. Indian Constitution is created only for few people. The vast majority of the Indians are still treated like animals in the caste system. The politicians, media and the so called intellectuals, doctorates, are all aiding for the ethnic cleansing. The Supreme Court of India, the protector of the Constitution, remains as a mute witness with several judgments passed against the caste system. My dear Hon’ble Supreme Court, if you cannot protect justice in my country, then please shut it down. I am told by several people that the Supreme Court is the one that supports these crooks and criminals and anyone saying anything against the law, the system, or the judgments, the Court goes heavily against them with the weapon, CONTEMPT OF COURT. Please stop it. ABOLISH CASTE SYSTEM.

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