Delhi Press conference – Advocate KK. Sarachandra Bose – Bharat Yatra

I am getting news from Delhi about the discussions going on in the political circle and among the savarna Supreme Court lawyers and judges as, how to maintain this epidemic of ethnic cleansing in India by targeting, torching and killing the so called Dalits who are considered as untouchables as they are black in colour and the majority are not provided with any basic amenities such as water, clothes, shelter etc. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is totally wrong in alleging and putting the blame on Dr. BR Ambedkar saying that, it was Dr. Ambedkar’s wish to give reservation to Dalits, and this view of Mr. Modi is only to please his caste supporters and caste votes. In fact, Dr. Ambedkar wanted to annihilate the caste system, but Mahatma Gandhiji opposed. Then Dr. Ambedkar pleaded at least for a separate electorate for Harijans (Dalits) as they could get some say in the political affairs of their country, India, but Mahatma Gandhiji opposed to this also. Though appointed as the chairman of the constitutional committee, Dr. Ambedkar had no say. Then, the heart broken Dr. Ambedkar with a large number of people converted from Hinduism to Buddhism in 1956. Wake up, Indians, you are all Bharatvasis. ABOLISH CASTE SYSTEM.

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