I have the great pleasure to place on record that the panchalohas (five metals) required for casting the 9 ft tall 500+kg five headed Brahmadev idol has been fully sponsored by the donors / devotees and I shall send them the location address of the Sculpture so that they can hand-deliver the metals directly to the Sculptor at a date and time fixed in consultation with the Sculptor.

Thank you all for the tremendous support extended for the forthcoming caste eradication Bharat Yathra with mass public upanayanas in the presence of Brahmadev commencing on 9 May 2015 in Payyannur, Kerala.

You may also see the 25:34 mints Full Episode of my interview held in Trivandrum on Saturday 28 February 2015 by ACV (Asianet Cable Vision) telecast on 02/03/2015 now at YouTube site:

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