Due to enormous support offered by several persons for the second Bharat Yathra (Bharat Yathra2) for eradicating the caste system in India by offering mass upanayanas (giving sacred thread) in public with the creator god Brahmadev's several devotional songs reverberating Brahmjnane iti Brahmana and declaring Brahman in the presence of the 9 ft tall 500+kg Brahmadev idol in panchaloha with five heads representing five elements of creation, the first of its kind after the Satya Yuga / Vedic period or to say after more than 5000 years, donors / devotees are requested as follows: Donors/ devotees are requested not to donate cash at any time. Those donors / devotees desiring to donate may contribute in kind by paying directly to the service providers, such as, - Transportation for the Brahmadev's idol; - Flowers required for daily offerings; - Salaries and expenses for the priests conducting public mass upanayanas; - Poonool (sacred thread); - Transportation for about 25 - 30 member team; - Food, accommodation, laundry for the 25 - 30 member team; - Insurance for about 25 - 30 member team; - Mike & sound; - Video and still photos; - Media Kindly note, that expenses such as transportation, food, accommodation, laundry, insurance etc., for me will be met by me. Vehicles such as a Force Traveler, Force Cruiser, Innova, and professional still photo and video cameras are already owned by me for this purpose. Best regards, KK Bose.
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