Caste Away

The book, Caste Away, the 13 month Mandatory Notice was hand delivered to the Prime Minister, Government of India on 30 November 2013 demanding to eradicate the caste system in India by or before 31 December 2014. Before the end of January 2014, copies of the notice, Caste Away, were given by hand to all the Members of Parliament (both the Lower House and Upper House), Judges of the Supreme Court, several High Court judges, lawyers, social activists, intellectuals, media persons, and given by post/ email to the United Nations, all the heads of all the member states of the United Nations, Human Rights Organizations around the world, and the book, Caste Away, is freely downloaded and read by millions of people around the world. On 4 February 2014, Janardan Dwivedi, senior Congress leader for the first time publicly opposed the caste system and caste based reservation and advocated for economic based reservation, whereas on 5 February 2014 Sonia Gandhi rebutted Dwivedi's comments and confirmed re-imposing caste based reservations. RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat publicly denounced the caste system and called for its eradication. In November 2014 we drafted and submitted constitutional amendment bill to the government; Joint statements (December 2014) to eradicate the caste system in India by 2020, by, Pope Francis of the Vatican, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, Grand Imam of Al Azhar Dr Mahmoud Azab, Mata Amritanandamayi of Kerala and Bhikkhuni Thich Nu Chan Khong; In December 2014 the International Bar Association (IBA) confirmed to raise the issue of caste system in India in IBA's next meeting; Jathi Nirmarjana Bodhavatkarana Sandesa Yathra done in: Kerala with a 31 member team from 9 to 14 March 2014; Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands with a team of 5 members from 9 to 11 May 2014; Bharat Yathra (18,000 km) with a team of 34 members from 9 June to 1 August 2014, with press conferences in each of the state capitals, and meetings and public addresses to thousands of people at several places in all the states; Entrusted Shri. Vinod Padoli of Padoli, Payyanur, for making the five headed Brahmadev idol, first of its kind after the Satya Yuga/ Vedic period, and down payment given in November 2014; Wax form of the 5 headed Brahmadev viewed by public on 30 January 2015; 9 ft tall 500+kg panchaloha idol of 5 headed Brahmadev representing the 5 elements of creation will be ready by the end of April 2015; Caste Eradicating Bharat Yathra (Second Bharat Yathra) with a 30 member team will commence on 9 May 2015 from Padoli, Payyanur, Kerala, with the 9 ft tall 500+kg panchaloha idol of the creator god Brahmadev conducting mass public upanayana (poonool - sacred thread) ceremonies by priests well versed in pre-Vedic rites, chanting several Brahma slokas specially created and choreographed including the sloka Brahmajnane iti Brahmanaha, removing that demeaning feeling imposed on human beings for thousands of years and declaring that all are equals as Brahmins, none higher or lower than the other, and thus eradicating the caste slavery once and for all.
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