Anti-caste crusader’s 2nd all-India tour to hold mass upanayana rituals

Kannur, Jan 30: Social activist K K Sarachandra Bose is launching in this summer a second anti-caste nation-wide tour that will conduct ‘upanayana’ rituals all along its way amid the presence of a nine-foot-tall Brahma idol which the volunteers will carry in the overall mission: egalitarianism in India. The 2015 Bharat Yathra is slated to start on May 9, the veteran NRI lawyer informed at North Malabar’s Padoli village, where the 500-kg deity of the creator god is being readied in five-metal panchaloha alloy. In the process, the public in India got to see for the first time in history the making of a titanic five-faced idol of Brahmadev which has five faces that represent the panchabhoota, or the nature’s elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether (sky). “This is the first time the idol of a five-headed Brahmadev is being made after the Vedic period more than 5,000 years ago,” he told reporters even as two sculptors are in the final face of moulding it, having already cast the wax idol that was displayed before the public today. The second Bharat Yatra has been planned considering that a mandatory notice Mr Bose served to the Government of India to root out the caste system by this December 31, 2014 did not meet with compliance. The 63-year-old leader said “we expect thousands of people to join us” in the ceremonies and wear the sacred thread as a symbol of equality within the fold. “The aim is to see that there is no difference — low or high — among humans.” Bose, who has paid the down payment to sculptors K P Govindan and K P Vinod of Poonthottatthil house for the making of the Brahmadev idol, has started finding experienced priests to perform pre-Vedic rituals that would make all persons Brahmins, if they desire to become so, by wearing the sacred thread. “The ceremony will be symbolic of promoting egalitarianism,” he said. The Dubai-residing activist who Bose hails from Pathanamthitta district of south-central Kerala, had, from June 9 to August 1 last year, taken out his first Bharat Yathra. Starting from Thiruvananthapuram, it ended in the national capital of Delhi after criss-crossing 18,000 km and covering all the states of the country. Across his tour with 34 volunteers, he freely distributed, to the public, the notice he had brought out as a 208-page book titled Caste Away! India, Hinduism & Untouchability. As for the upcoming yathra, Bose said he has got recorded songs reverberating with ‘Brahma jnana iti Brahmana’ — meaning a Brahmin is one who knows Brahman (the unchanging reality beyond the world). The music will be played during his upcoming journey that will cover length and breadth of the country. In fact, his 54-day Bharat Yathra last year had an introductory start at Andaman & Nicobar Islands when he visited the archipelago in May. Even that had a prelude at the Kerala level when Mr Bose led a 31-member ‘Jathi Nirmarjana Bodhavatkarana Sadesha Yathra’ across the length of his state for six days from March 9, 2014. Recently, the anti-casteism movement spearheaded by Bose, who is a philanthropist well known for his efforts for the uplift of the downtrodden, received a shot in the arm with London-based International Bar Association deciding to raise the issue at its next meeting. A lawyer who has specialised in corporate, commercial and contract laws, he has been practicing in Dubai and other jurisdictions for the last over 36 years — and handled an incredibly high 10,000-plus cases during 1980-85 alone. He is a member of the International Bar Association, a visiting professor in International Business Law and a legal columnist in several publications. Bose, who is a native of semi-hilly Mezhuveli which was a remote village in his younger days, has addressed over a 100 law seminars as a guest speaker, and is a partner with a reputed law firm in Dubai. He has travelled widely, mostly to represent his international clients, and is uncompromising to fraud and injustice. He notes thus: Law is universal; Ignorance of law is no excuse, even for a layman, especially business law for businessmen. Bose is a member of the Kerala High Court Advocates Association and the Karnataka Bar Council. He is also associated with the Legal Affairs Department of the Government of Dubai, and chairs Global Dialogue Foundation and the “Unity in Diversity” under the auspices of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations.
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