Caste away…

Dubai-bassed lawyer K.K Sarachandra Bose was in Calcutta on Thursday as part of his 40-day Bharat Yathra that began in Thiruvananthapuram on June 9.

The philanthropist, who grewup in Kerala and has been living in dubai for the last 37 years, has been fighting for the eradication of caste system in India. Bose and his 30-member team plan to visit several cities, towns and villages in every state of teh country to make people aware of the ills of caste system. Bose has also written a book “Caste Away” It is my way of serving legal notice to the government. I have two demands declare every Indian a Brahmin and remove words like Dalit, Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes from the Constitution,” he said.

The lawyer said he had seen discrimination in his own household since childhood and that is what movitvated him to study the caste system and fight for its eradicaiton.

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