Caste Away

My book, Caste Away, is a legal notice, the result of my over 40 years of research, study, discussions and conviction on the subject, contains several vital facts about caste system and untouchability that were hitherto unknown to the Indians and to the people around the world for the last several thousand years, or to say during the slavery period. Even now, many of my fellow Indians seem to be carrying that slave mentality and are afraid to talk about it.

British Indian Courts ruled that the majority of Indians are utouchable sudras and because of which at present 97% of the Indians are untouchable sudras and only 3% are touchable Brahmins. That means, 100% touchable Brahmin India has been reduced to 97% untouchable sudra India.

Whereas the Honorable Supreme Court of India ruled that: “This country remained under shackles of slavery for over one thousand years”;  “To rule this country it was not necessary to divide the people, the caste system conveyed the message “Divided we are – come and rule us”; “The caste system as projected by Manu and accepted by the Hindu society has proved to be the biggest curse for this country”; “The caste-system is a curse on the nation and the sooner it is destroyed the better”.

I am bringing India back to its pristine glory, i.e., 100% touchable Brahmin India wherein there is no caste (upper/lower human being), everyone is equal.

My purpose for the Jathi Nirmarjana Bodhavatkarana Sandesa Yathra throughout Shree Mahabharat is to spread my message, “eradicate the caste system” by or before 31st December 2014 (I served 13 months mandatory notice to the Government of India and others on 30/11/2013). I cannot wait any longer as I find the caste system and its effects disgusting, cruel and criminal. Eradicate the caste system.

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