Visa Cancilltion / absconding case

Dear Sir / Madam,

This is Arun from INDIA.

I need your Help. Below is the details of mine.

I have been there at Dubai for 10 years, but last year in June, 2013,
I left to India in emergency case without permission of my employer
and he filed case against me as absconder.

I requested my employer to give me emergancy leave for one week or
ten days as emergency of my fathers health but my employer denied.But
my fathers health was not good and hence I left to India without
permission / informing my employer.
After reaching India,I called him (my employer) and told him that I
will be back in 10 days but he told me that ‘no need to come to Dubai,
I (my employer) will cancel your visa outside UAE.’

Since then I was waiting for my visa cancillation, I was calling him,
I was requesting him for cancillation of my visa but instead of
cancelling my visa, he has complaint me as absconded.

This is my full story.

Now , I want to come to Dubai again.

Is it possible for you to help me so that I can come to Dubai again.

I have to come to Dubai as my childs were studying there at Dubai.

Please advice me if you can help me in this matter.

Thanking you.


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  1. tijani Amidu says:

    Hi sir, and good afternoon, I’m working in a private company in Fujairah as Laundry for 8month and I got new good freezone job in Hotel Dubai, and the new company as told me to resign. I want to drop my resignation Letter for my current company and give them 1month Notice , hope I won’t have any problem with them because when they employ me I did not sign anything they just ask me to Exit and they send me employment visa and I payed for my visa also 2750AED. If I live to freezone hope Noproblem Sir . Thanks and Glad to hear from you.

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