Taameem(Absconding case) – Immigration life ban

To whom it may concern, I would like to know if there is any way I could get my life ban lifted. I was charged with an absconding case which they call as TAAMEEM in Arabic. I had a pending MOL case with the ex employer who accused me with such a ban appeal. Due to the pending MOL case, I was nto able to shift to a new job. However, I got my case solved and received my passport with the visa cancellation in Feb 2013. I searched for a new job and found one at another company. I had to get my educational documents attested as I was being offered a higher salary therefore it took a time of around 2 months or more. Then, one darkened day, I was arrested by the Police in a random check and was told that I have an absconding case. i did not understand why was I declared an absconder as my visa was cancelled already. It was just a matter of overstaying I believe. I informed the authorities at the immigration that I can pay whatever the amount as penalty and leave thwe country but they said I will still get a lifelong immigration ban. Please assist me on this matter as i really want to go back to the UAE as I have a confirmed job offer and was born and raised there.
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