regarding absconding case

sir I was working one of the school Ajman. After the last summer vacation ( july,august..2012) I requested the principal and M.D for grant 45 days leave . and that was granted ( verbally ) . Mean while attended an interview and demo class and I got the selection .So I decided to request the school to cancel my visa after October 12 . All these details I discussed with one of my colleague but she disclosed these matters to the principal and M .D of the school before I re- joined the school. I got this information through the principal and they said they are going to file absconding. the very next day I left sharjah. After reaching India I contacted school authorities and requested to cancel my visa . But they said they have filed absconding. Since then I have been trying to lift the ban to the school authorities . Later on the M.D said they will lift the ban just before 6 months . Now its going to be 8 months still I didn't get any positive result. Now this school is ready to help me . As i am not there , the labor dept has some difficulties . when we enquired, the labor dept. ask to produce the power of attorney. then there is chance but not sure. Now please give me a suggestion regarding this . If the school is helping me can I move legally thank you
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