Notice Period in Freezone

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a employee working with a Corporate Healthcare Group which is listed under Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC).I have been working with this company for 4 & half years and now i need to move on as i have found a better job in another company based in DHCC. I had a contract with the company valid between Nov 2008 – Nov 2011 which had a 3 month notice period.

After this i signed a DHCC contract with the company(one month notice period) in Dec 2011 for the visa renewal purpose. I have given my resignation on June 27th 2013 with a “one month notice period”.

My Employer is not willing to accept my resignation & pay the dues which i am entitled to receive. I have spent my 4.5 years in this company & they donot respect my resignation. I tried to speak to the HRD about my good will exit note but they have threatened me that they will impose a ban in the immigration & will take action against me & they wont pay my gratuity etc.

Please assist me in knowing whether such a ban exists?

Secondly i would like to know whether i need to speak to the DHCC authority or the immigration dept pertaining this.

Thirdly i also would like to know if the notice period of 1 month is sufficient or i need to serve my all 3 months (based on the old expired contract). I have committed to the new company about my joining date to be end of July but my present employers are harassing me & not granting me a release.

Thank you in advance,

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