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I am posting this letter for my brother who is currently employed (as an accountant) in an engineering company based at Abu Dhabi. His contract is an unlimited one and visa is stamped for two years. Even though his certificates were attested the position as stamped in visa is of " Audit Accounts Clerk" The company is registered under Zones Corp--Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zone. Since the company is currently in loss and having no projects in hand had cancelled 60 employees including office staff engineers and workers after giving their full & final settlement. Now for the balance employees they have asked to leave this month. He joined the company only on February 2013 and completed 5 months now. His probation period as in the contract is 6 months. Kindly let me know whether there will be any ban to enter UAE again incase if he get another job. It is learned from news papers that there wont be a ban incase the employer himself cancel the employer. Kindly advise on the procedures if any to avoid ban in this case. Request not to mention my name and contact details incase the same is published in the news letter.
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