My visa will be expired, can i look for work even my case was still in court?

Dear Sir, Ramadan Kareem! I have a lot of questions in mind with regards to my problems and i came across your website.I do really appreciate it if you could respond on my inquiries. I've been working here in Dubai for almost 3 years now, last May, me and my other 35 workmates filed a case againts our company. Now our case was already in the court. My Labor contract was already been expired last July and my visa also will soon be expired on the 31st of this August. My question is, can i look for a full time job after the expiration of my visa even though my case was still on process? If so, do i get any trouble with my company if get job after my visa expired? Please do help me. Me and my colleagues has no means of living already since we are not allowed to work for almost 3 months now.. I do appreciate for you kind response. Thank you very much and God Bless!
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