Manager asking to Extend noticeperiod and threatening to impose disciplinary action


I’m working in an a CMM level 5 company in Bangalore as a software Engineer past 3.2 years. Now I have got good opportunity out side and better package as well. I’ve put drow papers on this Monday(5th August 2013). I had a discussion with my present Project manager and Program manager. Both of them asked about what is the reason for changing company now. If you’d plans of looking out side I must have told them early like I will be putting papers so please send me to Client place. I politely replied as I dint feel that’s professional I dint tell you like I will not take up this opportunity. I think no Engineer in IT field would inform manager about his chances of putting papers. After a lot of discussion they said if you are not willing to extend notice period then I should suggest your name to disciplinary action committee and they’ll put negatively in my reliving letter as well it seems. I’ve told manager that I will stick on to the policy and I will serve 2 months not more than that as I’m travelling by October 19th so I cant extend my notice period. They are just saying about Disciplinary action. Please suggest me I’ve committed any mistake or code of conduct policies. Please let me know what should be done next. Awaiting for your reply.

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