Living in Fear and Uncertanity

Sir, I am a Partner/Manager of a company at Sharjah Emirate. Recently we had a Managing Director who has major share in the company with the intention of owning himself the full shares of the company. For that he joined hand with our local sponsor for his support by paying him (local sponsor) huge amount of money(for that he took bank loans) beside the sponsor ship fee of Dhs. 70,000/= we use to pay early. With help of the sponsor he put out the remaining (3) partners from the company and change the lock for the office and the accounts. Now the local sponsor is making fake case against the ousted partners. However; the 3 partners had approached the honorable court of Sharjah for justice and made case against the Managing Director. But the Local sponsor Says he sold his 51% shares (being an LLC company)with 29% of Managing Director's shares to another company and he is insisting the remaining 3 partners life in miserable and uncertainty; he is also asking us to sell our shares immediately otherwise he will put us in jail and make responsibility for the liability which is purposely made against the company since the new Managing Director joined in the company. There is an order from the honorable court of Sharjah stating transfer/sale or change shares or any change in the license are not allowed until finish the case. Still the Sponsor is insisting us to come down and sign in the new MOA or face the consequences. For that he already made Fake cases against us. In this situation we don't know what should do and to survive in this part of the world and do the business in UAE. We are living in fear and uncertainty. Myself I have an another business in Dubai and not able to concentrate on my business due to the present situation. Not to know exactly where we go and from where we can get Justice. Please advise us Thanking you in anticipation Yours truly
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