Kholo’ and Custody

Salam, I gave my ex Kholo' on the basis that she does not move and reside with our children outside UAE permenantly. She remarried in Muscat and now resides permanently there, defying and breaching the contract between us ( official contract issued by dubai courts between me and her clearly states she undertakes not to live permanently with kids outside UAE). Even though she let me have my children just for one month (she wants them back after one month), I am planning to retain full custody and give her full visitations rights. Q1) Am I allowed to retain full custody giving her full visitations rights? Will she be able to challenge this in court? Q2) Can I challenge the Kholo' case? I accepted to give her Kholo' on the basis that she adheres to the agreement. Now she violated and breached the agreement. Is it possible for me to challenge the Kholo' I gave her and nullify it? Your feedback is highly appreciated,
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