Jumping red light causing accident and minor injury

Hi, this is for my husband who met with an accident on dubai road on 03sep. He was driving back from office and stopped at the red light as he has to take left turn, however in the mean time the signal to go straight turned green and mistakenly he drove and caused an accident with a car. A lady was driving the car and police have been called followed by ambulance. My husband and the other lady was declared medically fit with very minor injury to the lady. A court case was filed against my husband and to our shock he is been granted 1 month jail and 6 months license suspension. He is out on bail and we have appealed against sentence and we have next hearing on 01 October. My husband is extremely sorry about this incident and has accepted his mistake In police station and court. We have small children(5months/4yrs ) and he has recently changed his job. Please help us to know to prevent him to go to jail and how to present the case to request to waive off jail term. We are ready to pay fine whatsoever . Looking for soonest reply
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