I have been charged for stealing a phone

Hello, thank for the help in advance. I act vey stupid one day when i was taking money from ATM machine, i found a phone above the machine and it was off that time. i took with me to charge it since i have the same one thinking the owner will call and meet him which is something happened before. i usually leave my charger at the office so i went home and couldnt charge it. next day i forget to take with me, but the 3rd day i took it charge it for a while, switched it on to find that passlock and couldnt open it. i realized later that there is no service bcz the owner canceled it. so there is no way to get a call from him.. i put my sim maybe i can access the phone conatcts or make a call to anyone but the data gone due to changing the sim card..The idea is, those type of phones have a feature which u can easly track them if they are connected to a service provider.. so i left the sim in it thinking the owner will track it through ICloud or at least etisalat will contact me..and if not i will go to a police station and hand it over. then later the police called asking me to come to the police station which i have not thought it is bcz of the phone. i went there and when they start asking me where i did buy it and i said no i didnt buy it, i found it and here it is. but no i have a case against me. i did act stupid but i never thought it will be so big deal and anyone even someone with a limited education and knowledge will never but a sim card in it if there is any intention of taking it, i would appreciate any advice
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