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i have ask a question for. i was working in dubai. company name dubai property. i was electrician there. in the between i came emergency for 15 days. but i could not back. because my father was health not well. i am alone in family. but company has done by mistake my salary coming in my account continue without my knowledge. a Filipino girl did call me. after 6 month. about salary. my account balance was 5000 dhr. i have checked by call center. company has sent by mistake 18000 dhr. because i also done a big mistake. i have gave my ATM another person. he has taken 12000 dhr. but company has taken already recover all payment. by who has done by mistake. so i want to ask can i go again dubai for job.i afraid may be company put me in black list. if i go and caught on airport. please suggest me.
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