Dubai Visa not cancelled problem

Dear Sir, I was offered a job by a start up company (Company A) while I was already working for a prestigious company (Company B) in Dubai. Considering the challenging profile and the growth opportunities, I accepted the offer and resigned from Company B. I was advised by the new company (Company A) to leave to India for a month and come back on their employment Visa after a month. When I was being denied any answers on my inquiries on the Visa status even after a month, I took a visit visa and went back to Dubai. There I was informed that the company is shutting down due to problems with local sponsor and I would be compensated for the time I was without a job. I kept visiting the office to receive the compensation but was never paid. Finally when my visit visa expired, I left Dubai but only after giving the owner a piece of my mind since I was cheated so badly. It is now six months and recently I got a job offer (Company C) from Dubai. But when they tried to apply for an employment visa, it was rejected saying that there is a visa that is still not cancelled. It seems that the owner had issued a visa in my name and kept it active just to get back at me and not let me come back to Dubai. I have never entered on that visa or used it. How can I get the visa cancelled? Is there a place where I can register a complaint. Kindly help!
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