Below is the press report published by the Kalapremi news paper on the Discussion Forum held on 23/01/2014 at Trivandrum on the subject CASTE AWAY! INDIA, HINDUIASM AND UNTOUCHABILITY. Mr. Kalapremi Maheen said that they distributed twenty five thousand (25,000) copies at the venue where Sri Sri Ravishankar, Anna Hazare, and Metro Muhammed Haji were present. They personally handed over the news paper and the book, Caste Away, India, Hinduism & Untouchability to Sri Sri Ravishankar, Anna Hazare, and Metro Muhammed Haji and several other dignitaries where over 50,000 people gathered. Below, in Mr. K. K. Sarachandra Bose's own words -
CASTE AWAY! book by KK Sarachandra Bose

CASTE AWAY! book by KK Sarachandra Bose

The book, the result of my over 40 years of research, study, discussions and conviction on the subject, contains several vital facts about castism and untouchability that were hitherto unknown to the Indians and to the people around the world for the last several thousand years, or to say during the slavery period. Even now, many people seemed to be carrying that slave mentality and are afraid to talk about it. The Vedas (Knowledge) was open to all people in India at one point of time, say, few thousand years back. After the entry of invaders, knowledge was restricted only to a very few people by custom or legal mandate enforced by invaders. Thereafter if any person other than the invaders tried to gain knowledge, his/her ears were filled with molten lead. That was the law and custom prevalent in India. The very few remaining aborigines of India, the Adivasi people, our blood relatives, are fenced within the jungles and they are stamped as Dalits and untouchables and they are cruelly ill-treated. The Indian People, Indian Constitution, Indian Judiciary, and the Indian Rulers are just onlookers to such atrocities! Media, mainly the print media, mostly supported those few aggressors and their supporters and the trend is still continued by few media. Now with the introduction of visual and and social media such as Tv, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Plaxo, MySpace, Friendster, Digg, PopURL, Technorati, BlogPulse,, Vimeo, Del.ici.ous, Diigo, Flickr, PhotoBucket, Disqus, Traffikd, Google Buzz,,, Gawker, b5Media, 9Rules, BlogHer, LiveJournal, SlideShare, etc., knowledge can be easily disseminated to the peoples of the world. The print and other media, if not very proactive, may take a backseat. My aim is to spread my message, "eradicate the caste system" within six months i.e., by or before 30th June and then give six months time to the government of India and to the people to comply with my demands by or before 31st December 2014 (I served 13 months mandatory notice to the government of India and others on 30/11/2013). I cannot wait for any longer as I find the caste system and its effects disgusting, cruel and criminal. We can easily accomplish this mission as Sir Issac Newton said about his own work; “we can do this because we are standing on the shoulders of giants”. I am also inviting the like minded people to join me and spread this message to all social and other media around the world. If you are planning to organize a discussion forum on the subject Caste Away! India, Hinduism & Untouchability, (first forum, after serving notice to the government of India and others, was organized by the Rotary Club, Kodungallur on 10/01/2014, and the second forum by the National Cultural Centre, Trivandrum on 23/01/2014, both press releases attached), please do it fast as I may have to do several such forums in different parts of India in the near future. Even though there is a price tag on the book which I am told is mandatory in India, the book is not for sale. Thousands of complimentary books are being printed and distributed by philanthropists. The printable version of the book is attached for your own reading, if you haven't received a hard copy. To print and distribute the book, my prior written permission is to be taken only to see that the printing is done under my strict supervision so that the facts are not distorted. If you wish to obtain a copy of the book, please email Links Caste Away Cover Caste Away Cover Front Inside Caste Away Book CASTE AWAY! Book English press release CASTE AWAY! Book Malayalam press release CASTE AWAY! Book presentation at Rotary Club, Kodungallur CASTE AWAY! Notice to the Prime Minister of India
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