Accused of commiting adultery but alegations not truw

Hi, I am a South African currently working in the UAE Dubai. I have been accused numerous times by my collegues wife of committing adultrey with her husband. Of cause this is not true. She has threatened to report me to the police. I am not afraid as she may do what she wants as I am not guilty of anything, but what I am afraid of is that my relationship with my collegue is very close we are good friends. We have been seen hanging out together after work, and there are people at my work place who have spoken to his wife saying, that my collegue and I are very close and we are always seen together. Mostly because these are all due to work relations but there are no intentions of anafair. He is a grown man of 34 and I am just 24. I am afraid I am at a disadvantage because, it may seem like it looks like we are having an afair but we are not. She has no physical evidence to prove we are having an afair but our actions lead people to believe we are. What can I do to solve this problem?
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