I was locally hired and transferred from LLC to a freezone company two and a half years back. currently working for a freezone company for last two and a half years. I head the HR for the company in Middle East. Around August, September 2013, we moved half of our operations and people to home country as running the business here in Dubai was more expensive for the company. During the transition time, I asked my management if they would be asking me to shift as well. But they confirmed to me that I would continue to stay here in dubai looking after the remaining business of middle east. And as a proof, I have increment letter for my excellent performance and my confirmation letter for continuation of service (given to me in October 2013). I have been the only person in HR to handle the entire transition of people from dubai to home country, which is now almost over. And now to my surprise, one week back the company told me that I should also take up a transfer. I explained to them that I cannot do this, because based on their confirmation and letter issued to me one month back I renewed my yearly house lease, renewed card registration, picked up a personal loan etc etc. and now that the transition is over they are telling me to shift to india on a much lower salary, and this is the time for company’s annual bonus which is based on current years’ work and I have worked thru the year diligently. But the company is looking to replace me with a new candidate for my position here in order to save monies. So its not that my position is going redundant, it is simply that in order to save money the company has cheated me, made me work when they needed me the most and now asking me to move. I do not want to move to india because of certain loans etc that I have in dubai. I do not want to resign from the company but because they will not let me continue my services. I want to know, in this case, what are my rights. Will the company have to give me a termination and termination benefits? What if they refuse to give me termination benefits and force me to resign? In this entire case, how much compensation should they pay me because I refuse for a transfer, because all this according to me is just their plan to compel me to go away.
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