WPS Fraudulent

Subject: WPS Fraudulent.
I had been working in a company with unlimited contract for 1 year 6 months. It was my maternal uncle’s company. From the time I had come, the company cash flow was less. So, he kept me in his house and didn’t pay me salary. He assured that, when the company will get the bill he will pay me. As a relative I agreed. He started paying my salary from Aprill’12, while I had joined at October’11. My salary was basic 4000, accommodation 500, transportation 500. As a company manager, he told company will provide me a vehicle, which he never provided. The 1st salary he has given was 3000 to WPS, after 2 months 2000, then 3000 again. When I persisted more, he started giving me 4500, never 5000. He never gave me any cash in my hand. Since I had to bring my wife here, I used all my money which I earned in my homeland and brought her. I rented a flat with the rest of my money plus my wife’s savings. My uncle told me he will compensate for my flat, since I have crossed 1 year in this company. But again, he never did. Since I have responsibility now, I started asking for my money. It’s not only me, the whole company stuffs are getting frustrated with his non-payment and started giving him deadlines for payment. He failed repeatedly. Suddenly one day, the workers stopped their work. That day, he took me in his room and fired me without any notice accusing me that I have failed to notify him on time, which is absolute false. Due to non-payment, I was also having some issues with him, but he just fired me and giving me very long termination letter. There are 6 accusations in it, all are fabricated. Then I went to labor court for justice. I took my UAE exchange payment statement and got a WPS statement from court. There I found a very alarming thing. December’12 and January’13 were not paid to me, but its showing given. Even it’s not in the list of UAE exchange statement, where all the stuffs get paid through. Those two months were paid through an illegal way. The company owner bluffed WPS by contacting some money exchange where they have shown that the employees are paid, but actually they are not. It was done to avoid Govt. block for the non- payment of employees salary. This is sure fraud. Now confronting the labor court, the first shock I got that I can only claim 1 year not my before that. I repeatedly tried my legal advisor’s attention on my arbitrary dismissal, but he was not listening. He is asking me to come in a settlement. I already incurred huge loss by losing previous year’s salary and now he is calculating my remuneration till the day I got terminated, which is 10 days. But I supposed to get the whole month as per the law. Even I was supposed to get next three months’ salary if I not get terminated as per Article-120. He is not also giving me that. I didn’t avail any leave last year, for which I was supposed to get the leave salary and air ticket to return. Gratuity is there, since the job maturity is 1 year 6 month. I wasn’t asking anything more, which I shouldn’t get as per law. But still, he is excluding all those in my claim and asking me to agree, not bothering my request to what is my real claim and the injustice was done with me. If I don’t agree, he will send my file to the labor court. Having no choice in hand, I said him to send the file to the court. My company owner couldn’t provide the evidence that he has paid the salary of month December’12 and January’13, though it was asked. Even he couldn’t tell which exchange it is. But the legal advisor is calculating these two months are given. I am not the only one in this company; all the labors and stuffs are having the same problem. After knowing that, claim before one year will not be given, as a victorious owner he declared in his office that he will not give any claim which was before 1 year.
If this kind of fraudulent continues, then why this WPS system is for? If the victims don’t get the justice from the labor court, this kind of company owners will continue sucking the blood of the labors.
At last, Dear Sir, my humble question is, will I get justice for my arbitrary dismissal and my proper settlement?

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