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Dear Sir,

I and my wife both were working in the same private company for 12 years. My wife got terminated from the company without any reasons and went back to India and i continued working in the same company. After 2 months she come back to Dubai under my sponsorship looking for a job. But one day suddenly my company started shouting at me saying that she made a loss to the company, and she is not supposed to be here otherwise we will file a case. We don’t know what exactly happend to them and that time I said if it was like that then why you did not tell her that time all these things and took the action putting a ban or file a case against her.

Afte this 2 days later, they terminated me also from the company without any reasons, and i got my visa cancelled from the company and went to India. Now after 1 month when i applied for visa, my visa it got rejected because they had taken out our tourist visas. But after complaining to the immigration department they called up the ex-employer’s PRO to give that visa to us and they handed over both visas to us.

At present, I am here in Dubai on their tourist visa looking for a job, which was issued from their travel agency for 1 month (until 08/04/2013) and my wife at present in India but planning to come back to Dubai for a job. But they are threatening that if she comes they will file a case and she will be behind the bar.

Now my question is that:

1. Can they file a case or put a ban at this stage? Can they make fake documents to file a case or ban as we are not able to know what exactly they are upto. I came to heard that they are planning to do all these things against us with the helpr of making some documents . Is that possible at this stage?

2. If my wife comes on tourist visa then what will happen if there is any cases filed against her? She will stuck here or what?

We need a favourable help and advise from your end. We cannot fight with them as they are very strong and it is a ruling family company running by Indian management.

Looking forward to hearing a positive response from your end.

Thank you & regards


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