lifting the ban imposed by labour ministry due to mistakes done by the employer

Dear Sir, my uncle was working is an electrician in a company in Dubai. The company do not have sufficient works and asked my uncle to work as a cleaner and he rejected. Feb, 20 2013 was the end of 2yr visa for my uncle. Company requested again to work as cleaner and uncle has rejected it again. They asked my uncle to give resignation, he gave a letter that please do not renew my visa as i could not work further due to family problems. Somehow the company cancelled the visa on 13th Feb. because of this, labour ministry imposed ban for 6 months. My uncle got another job, but due to ban he could not come again. We would like to approach labour court for the justice can you please suggest us whether it is good idea to do this, is the justice on our end ? can you please help us in this regard. We also have proof that my uncle is working in the company till Feb 28 which is more than 2years. Thank you. Regards, S
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