Rejection of resignation and asking for 8 to 10 months of time before releasing

Greetings, I am working in Contracting company. I am Civil engineer. working in same company since 5.5 yrs. I resigned on 23rd of jan 2013, send my resignation via email to my Head of department and to HR. Informing for one month notice. My contract is unlimited period. i am ready for giving 3 month of notice period but my head of department is asking me to stay untill july/august and then he will think. he replied to my resignation saying notice period is not accepted. and resignation is rejected. Need to know in this case what should i do. as i am already ready for giving 3 month notice period. and do i have to send hard copy of the resignation to HR and more over what other things i have to make sure for my smooth transit. waiting for your reply .
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