Invalid contract

I have been working for an international private school for more than two years, since August 2010. This is my 3rd school year teaching there. This school was taken over by a new management company in March 2012 but the owners remained the same as well as there were no changes to my sponsorship. Before the start of the school year in 2012, I signed a new 2 year contract with the new management but I was not happy with the conditions stated in it. It states:
1) that I am on probation again for 6 months. It is a violation to put me on probation again.
2) the name of the school in the contract was a new name that they were hoping to get KHDA’s approval. KHDA did not approve change of school’s name, therefore is my contract still valid?
3) I am not happy with the work environment so I am planning to leave at the end of this school year. I was told that if I leave after one year of this new 2 year contract, I will lose gratuity for the 3rd year but will get paid gratuity for the first two years only. Also I will lose my air ticket at the end of this school year as well. My question is: didn’t I fulfilled 2 years of service with this school, therefore it becomes an unlimited contract after that? Shouldn’t I get full benefits/gratuity for my whole 3 years of service?. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you so much, Andrea

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