absconding case filed to immigration by previous employer

Dear Sir, I am desperate need of your help as I can see that it can be resolved by legal means. My last date in the previous company was on 13th sept 2012 as I gave notice period of 1 month.my labour and visa got canceled by my previous company. mine was unlimited contract in the previous company. I got a better offer and waiting for the visa.I came to know today from my current company PRO that i have absconding case filed in the immigration dept by my previous company. it got delay in applying for thee visa from current company because their was no accomodation provided to labour and it took time to arrange everyhting. my pro already has the approved labour card for me and was not able to apply for the visa. Sir, what will advice me to do at such situation. plz help me sir. Regards, Afroz.
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