Police Clearance from Dubai

I left Dubai on august 2010 and my employer and myself had a dispute over an amount of AED 30000. Long story short they put a case against me and i refused to pay up this amount of AED 30000 because i did not owe them this money.

Now after 2 years of negotiation they have accepted an amount of AED 11000 and has agreed to give me a clearance that i owe them no more money. I also wanted inform you that my case was only with Dubai police and it NEVER went to the courts, thus there was no sentence in absentia at all.

My question is now that my employer has agreed to settle my case and take back the original case they filed with Dubai police can i apply for a police clearance from Dubai? Or will Dubai police say we cannot give you a police clearance since you had in the past a case registered with us.. And if they do indeed give me a police clearance will it be mentioned that i did have a case against my name but it is cleared now..Or would they simply give me a clean slate police clearance since i no more have a case against me..

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