Pending salary

My wife is civil engineer and she has been working in an engineering co. in dubai for last 2 years and 11months on a limited contract for 3 years. The co. had history for long delays in salary. However now it had become routine and salary is peniding for last 10 months. She has now resigned with immediate effect. Now we wish to go to labour court. Another point by which co. will fight is that they have paid her salaries during the last 6 months as per bank statement and therefore partial outstanding is more than 1 year old and they consider the payment of those salary as for current year, and therefore salary being more than 1 year old, which as per labour law of UAE cannot be contested. But our contention is that even though in bank statement shows the payment for current month, we consider that the old amounts are adjusted first and the co. has still to pay for current 10 months. Please advice.
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