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Dear Mr Bose Sir, Good Afternoon! I hope everything is going great at you end. I came across you guidance on the Termination of an Unlimited Contract in the UAE. I came to Dubai as a IT Sales Professional as I joined my existing company's newly formed Dubai Operations. I am drawing around 3000 AED a month and I have realized that my employer has conned me in numerous ways. My Visa has the Title - Sales mentioned instead of Account Manager. Also, the salary mentioned in the Visa is 2500 AED a month. There are a few more issues, which I came to know after I got to Dubai. The company is an LLC company and now I wish to change my job and shift to another company. Given that my contract is unlimited, 1) Can I change my Job to a company in freezone without a ban and a NOC? 2) How important is an NOC in my scenario? Looking forward to your help and guidance. I would really appreciate your kind gesture. Thanks and regards,
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