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We are three of us running a small business in Dubai. 6 months back one of the partners expired of natural cause in Dubai. He is survived by his wife and two children both of major age. The daughter who is in India has sent the POA to the mother, but the son is in Canada and since six months according to his mother, he is trying to get the POA made, but the officers there keep calling him back giving him different dates. The mother only has an email address as a contact point. He does not have a mobile….. But he call her off and on. We need to clear the name from the partnership agreement. But what I understand is that without the sons POA we cannot move ahead. The mother too wants to close this issue and get back to India.
We are even ready to pay his ticket expenses to get him here but he cannot make it since he is on a new job there. Because of this reason he could not make it to Dubai for his father’s funeral.

Please let us know what should we do.


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