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hi Sir,
i have one problem. i am a philipino. i resigned from my job. and went to country. i so many time try my friend but my visa is rejected. i want your help. i will send you her detail about me and my boss.I came on house maid visa and have one year contract with my boss . and when my 6 month complete my boss lost his job. and my visa on her boss name that y my visa was also in holding. my boss have to pay money for holding visa. that y he didn’t tell to me and complain to immigration about me that i left the job and run away from house. even i was working there. but i don’t know what my boss did with me. but my boss stop to me going outside. when my boss got job. he took her complain back. my boss went to immigration and said, she come back and took her passport from immigration. and my boss job change that why he have to make my visa again. and my boss make my visa again. but after six month i said to boss i want to left job and want to go home and want to come back again on good job. but my boss not agreed and pressed to me for work. because my boss said, i paid your visa money. you make more one year contract with me. because if you left then i have to make new visa for new house maid, but i reject and said, i want to go home. my boss said, ok. i will cancel your visa with some day. but after 10 day i asked, my visa cancel or not. he said, still in labor office. i said to my sister, you go immigration asked visa is cancel or not. she when checked in immigration then she told me i have complained by boss. then i know my boss before complain about me. i was shocking . when i came to home. then i asked to boss . sir why you complained about me in immigration . even i work with you. my boss was angry and asked who told you and why you went to immigration. then both too much discuss and my boss said, ok tomorrow i will send you home. and next day. my boss buy ticket and took to me Air port and sent to me home. now 9 month complete.i first try to make visit visa. then they office people told my sister. if someone work before in dubai as labor or housemaid, not able to come on visit visa or tourist visa. then i wait till 6 month and try to made permanent visa. then they said my sister, she have ban One year from labor office. then i checked by my sister. she told me. you have ban one year. because you didn’t complete your contract. my boss cancelled to me before six day completion of my visa. that y i have ban. now before some day my sister was try to made my visa from FZCO. because if some one have ban then he can come in FZCO. but yesterday was amazed. when my visa is again rejected. now i have 9 month complete. they didn’t give any reason. i don’t know what wrong.i want to know only. i have may be life ban. but my case was left by my boss. because my boss took my passport back. and then i work there one six month after this matter. and if i have life ban. how can i know ? and if i have One year ban. then how can i know ?i will send you here my detail.
here is information and also i attach my passport copy and old visa copy.

i wait for you answer. i hope you give me good suggestion. thanks you so much.pls reply me this email on face book..

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