3 months’ notice period from employee – 1 month from employer.

As per my employment contract with a bank (semi-govt.) in UAE, I have to give 3 months’ notice period and I have to pay penalty incase I fail to give this notice. The bank will give me only 1 month notice if they terminate me. Now I am planning to resign my job and ready to give 3 months’ notice period. I have financial commitment that required 3 months’ salary. But I am afraid that if I give 3 months’ notice, they may release me early without allowing me to work and without salary that I am expecting to earn. I am in a kind of trap now that if i give 1 month notice, the HR will deduct 2 months’ basic & if 1 give 3 months’ notice I will have to sacrifice my 2 months’ salary incase they release me(as it has happend before with some other staff). I request your advice in this regard.

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