Compensation in lieu of notice period

I am working for a company located in Dubai Media city free zone (TECOM) since the 2nd of Dec 2010 and I have a clause of 3 months notice period in my labor contract. I have lost many opportunities because of this clause. Is it possible that I provide a 1 month notice and compensate for the remaining 2 months. If yes do I have to pay my gross salary or only my basic. I have taken only 10 days leave since I start to work so, can I tell them to deduct the amount from my gratuity and remaining leave pay. Thank you in anticipation.
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  1. Josh says:

    Hi Im currently working in JAFZA Company, which is newly open also.
    Ive been working for only 5 months ago, while i came fron dubai visa which i finished my 4 1/2 years, then i resigned because i employed to new JAFZA Company, but now im having an offer again in Dubai. My question is:

    Do i have Ban in dubai before and will have ban here in JAFZA?
    Do i need to pay anything in my JAFZA company, while my PRO B is not yet finish?

  2. Dhiedz says:

    Hi I’m currently working in Abu Dhabi and I got a termination letter last Dec.11,2012 and my employer granting me a one month notice a day after I got the termination letter I came to office on and off for me to apply and look for a new opportunity but then the HR talked to me and said that they will not pay my one month notice period because of not coming to office. Is this applicable to labour law here in UAE?please advice.

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