Dear sirs, I have an urgent query and was hoping you could clarify this as no one else seems to know the answer. This is in reference to a local Muslim family in Dubai. A parent has passed away, the siblings constantly bickering in regards to inheritance. As I am not in need of the inheritance, and would like to refrain from years of potential bickering of siblings (as, sadly, occurs in too many families), I would like to waive my rights to my share of inheritance and instead place it in another person's name, be it a direct household member or otherwise. Kind sirs, my two urgent queries are as follows: 1.) Do I need permission of the other siblings in order to transfer my share of inheritance to another? 2.) Do they have any right to object my transfer of my share to another? 3.) Who are eligible for me to transfer my rights to? Does it have to be within the household or can it be others also? I eagerly wait your kind reply to ease my heart. God Bless. Haamed
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