Resignation in probation period

Good day sir, I am an engineering degree holder presently working in Dubai based company on unlimited contract, am still in probation period but received an offer from a free-zone based company. I inclined toward the offer and have submitted my resignation along with One month notice period as per the UAE labour law to my present employer. Following are my query: 1. Can my employer not accept my resignation ask to work ? 2. Can my employer extend the notice period and if so do i need to adhere to the demand(no terms of notice period mentioned in the contract or offer) 3. Can the employer put one year immigration ban or any kind of legal case agaisnt me I hope your will find time in your busy schedule to answer to the qurries. thank you
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  1. ryannet says:

    I have a difficult situation right now and I would like to ask more questions as to what should be done.

    I went here in Dubai through Tourist Visa. I already extended my Tourist Visa to another month. Before the expiration, I received an employment visa just 2 weeks ago and exit in Kish. I went back December 02. Also, I started training as an assistant manager of a restaurant ( PRIVATE company) for just one week now. During my training, another offer was given to me by another employer in academics and is in FREE ZONE. My salary in the restaurant is 3100 AED but in the second employer in the FREE ZONE is 7000 AED. I dont have Labour card and Emirates ID yet and have not processed yet by my employer since I just started.

    Here are my questions:

    Should I have a ban if I will be resigning? The Passport is still with me. The pink paper of Employment Visa is still with me. They have not process the stamp (residents visa) to my passport.
    Can they not accept my resignation? At this point I have not signed yet the LABOUR AGREEMENT? I only signed the offer letter.
    What should I do in order for me to get the job from the another employer that is in FREE ZONE and Academic City?
    Also, is it right because the employer asked me to pay 10,000 AED?
    What if the employer did not cancel my employment Visa because the expiration of the Employment Visa (pink paper) is on January 25, 2013. If they did not cancel the Visa and it has expired on January 13, 2013, can my employer in the FREE ZONE apply a new employment VISA to the FREE ZONE? Please give me solution about this.

    Please give me all the information I need to do so that I could be in the FREE ZONE. I hope that you will give me step by step process and information in order for me to continue working in academics.

    Thank you very much.

    Very sincerely,

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