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Dear atty, I just want to inquire concerning my offer letter that I signed last year dated July 21, 2012, I decide to accept the job that I have today as an accountant because of those benefits that stated on my offer letter like, health insurance, 5 working days a week (meaning I have 2 days off) that I didn't get until now (my health insurance) every time Im asking them before about it they always telling that under process until one day I need to go to the hospital because I have an ovarian cyst, and the take out my 1 day off I explain to them already that the reason why accepted this job is because of those benefits that they put on my offer letter, and another issue is that they did not put all the benefits in my labour contract that they made same benefits written in my offer letter and they did not give the copy of my labour contract, they only give my labour card. For this matter do I have the right to complain in the labour office and do you think this is enough reason for me to move in another company that can provide for me health insurance and other benefits without NOC specially now that I needed to undergo surgery for my ovarian cyst and I can have 2 days off? Thank you
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  1. Kazim says:

    Dear sir I got the offer later if company if is not given employment visa what is law for this and i am already canceled my employment visa please reply me

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