Notice period and gratuity for limited contract and on husbands visa

I appreciate that you must get many questions about this subject.I have searched web sites and read the labour law but many questions relate to a contract with a visa. I hope you can clarify some points for me. I am a female nurse and have been working in a private school. I am on my husbands visa.I have worked 3years at the school-each year on a new one year contract. The contract from the school states that they can give me a months notice in writing to terminate my employment but I must give them 3 months notice before the end of the academic year ie end of June to terminate my employment.So I would need to give notice at the end of march. My contract runs 1 September and terminates 31 August. I informed the school that owing to personal reasons I would not be renewing my contract this September.I informed them at the earliest I could -that being early July. Unlike the teachers who finish for summer at the end of June-I continue through July. I then had my annual leave owed and returned at the end of August to work until the end of my contract. So my contract has come to an end. I had not been given another contract. The school are not offering full gratuity and have told me I owe them a months salary-full not basic.There is nothing in my contract about this. Is this correct? I do so hope you can give me information. Regards Jane.
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