Harassment from Maid’s relatives.

Dear Sir,

I have sponsored an Indian maid for the past four years. the maid had two sisters here in Dubai one of who was sent back last March. the second lady is sponsored by an Indian family.

In the past two years, my maid started breaking the house rules and also spending a lot of time with a man who is supposedly her relative to the extent that she would spend upto 3 hours a day on the phone with him and visit him on weekends etc.

We wanted to cancel her visa but on compassionate grounds sent her on vacation to India on the condition that we would not bring her back if we found an alternate maid. We have all the clearences from the Indian consulate stating that her dues are cleared and that she has no issues with us.

We were lucky enough to find a new maid and cancelled the current maid’s visa without bringing her back to the country.

Now the sponsor of my maid’s sister has filed a complaint with the consulate that I have been harassing and illtreating my maid. The complaint has not been entertained ¬†however its caused me great mental distress and waste of time.

Please let me know if I can take any legal action against the other sponsor.


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