Vacation International Cheaters in Dubai (Mostly Indian Victims)

Dear sir, My name is Rajesh, am living & working in sharjah for past 4 years. I am writing this email with heavy heavy heart that I was cheated by one of the company in Dubai, UAE. I am not the only victim of this company, so many people are suffering because of these cheaters. Even there was a news in Gulf News about this scam (Please click on link: As you go through gulf news link, you can find 113 comments on this article most of them were “I am also a victim of vacation international, please help!!” Most of the victims are Indians Name of the company : Vacation International Address : Abu Baker, Al Sedeek St Rashid Al Majid Bldg 5th Floor, Office 502 PO Box: 22899 Tel no: 04 2689002 Fax no: 04 2689007 Please refer below link from complaints board website, where in so many people have put their comments on. Please spare your time to read my full message. I’ve tried consumer rights but no use, even consumer rights accepts they’ve been cheating but their powers are limited. My intension is purely to save others from this scam & to get justice for all the victims. Being a middle class man, I am not fortunate enough to pay the court & lawyer fees. I humbly request you to help us in getting our deposit money 20,000dhs from these cheaters. Please read below complaint statement in blue color, which has been given to consumer rights. “On first week of march 2012, I’ve visited Deira City Center, there was a stall by the name vacation international & one lady came to us & asked us to write the name & details for lucky draw, we just wrote it. By the end of that week on 9th March 2012 a marketing lady name FAZA called us saying that I’ve won a 7 days trip to any destination and she asked us to attend a party to receive that gift. On arriving that place we’ve found that it was not a party, it was a presentation invitation to brain wash people to buy timeshare property in Dive Inn resort on Egypt. In the presentation they started telling about their timeshare package, starting with showing approval document by Dubai economic department, ADCB Certification etc etc.. The below promises were verbally made by the sales person Mr.Berhanu & sales manager Mr.Khalid, before signing a contract. 1. Customer can with draw his deposit money anytime, through ADCB Bank. 2. We (vacation Int) will rent your weeks through interval international for a minimum amount of 3000 USD. 3. Customer can get the deposit money back (by renting out weeks – Done by vacation international), maximum within one month from the contract signing date. Believe me they were promising the customers in such a way, you cannot neglect their package. While they were not even giving enough time to read the contract fully, I asked them where it is written in the contract that vacation international will rent out the weeks & provide deposit money to the customers within promised time. Immediately that sales person starts promising me by saying that “Don’t worry I am here to get your rent out money back”. Once the contract is signed, that’s it, all their promises were broken one by one. First they were not allowing me to talk to that concerned sales person, instead asking me to contact customer service manager Mr.Mohammed Serry. When I started discussing with Mr.Serry, I came to know that whatever these sales person promised me is not true. Then immediately I sent a mail to them saying “I want to cancel my contract” (refer attachment “Need to cancel my contract”) & want to meet my sales agent Mr.Berhanu. Starting from this instance, they started showing their real cheaters face. They didn’t allowed me to speak with that sales person, after long discussion finally they allowed. That sales man is acting in a way that “he doesn’t know about current renting out process” and again he promised me that he will speak to his manager & solve the issue. You know what, nothing happened and I stopped contacting that sales man. Meanwhile I tried to rent out the weeks in interval international website by paying another 200 USD in interval international website. To get this done, I have to waste most of my day by calling these lazy customer service (refer attachment “Delay in sending list & registration”) (refer attachment “Delay in registration & activation code”). Still now I didn’t get any offer from that advertisement, and I realized that I’ve lost another 800 dhs. These people are well organized to cheat innocent people, and that too in the presence of strict Dubai government. I cannot believe how these people are operating in the malls saying “we are approved by Dubai economic department”. Legally we are helpless, they put all the clauses in the contract to safe guard themselves. In the name of trust they blind us during contract interpretation & signing, there is no proof for us other than god. I kindly request you to take this case seriously, to stop them from cheating other customers & to recover the deposit money of all victims of vacation international. Last but not least, if you don’t believe me. Just book an appointment with them in any of the mall stalls to receive their presentation. For sure you will come to know, How they are looting money from innocent customers, by making false promises.” After so many weeks of discussion with consumer rights, finally they favored the cheaters & told me to go to Dubai courts. They themselves accept that vacation international is cheating the customers by playing around the loops of UAE law. And finally inspector told me “only top officials of economic department can take action against them”, it seems like all of them were under their network, a common man cannot stand against them. Already some cases against them are going on in Dubai court. And lot more people are not wealthy enough to file a case on them, like me. Some of the victims of this company, now willing to file acase against them. We need a lawyer to take up our case. Please help we need justice with your help.
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  1. Hi I am victim of this company. and I really want to close this bad company.

  2. anonymous says:


    • Annonymous says:

      I also got an invitation from a customer care agent from Burjuman centre and asked me to attend 90 minutes session on 15/11/2012 at 6 PM.I was in the burjuman centre and he asked me one silly question.I answererd him correctly.Immediately he give me a brochure filled with some details about the company.Anyway thanks to yours posting that save from the hands of these cheaters

  3. Suresh says:

    I too was given a offer letter of one week vacation in Egypt. When tried to confirm the vacation by calling the telephone no. given in the offer letter there is no reply. The e-mail sent has bounced back. I truly agree that this company is a big fraud. The economic Dept of Dubai has to take some legal action against this company.

  4. chris says:

    thanks a lot for informing me too bcos even i got a invitation from vacation international staff while i was shopping in mirdif city centre telling me that i had won a weeks holiday to any country , but i had a doubt when i could not find a website . they are holding a presentation today 11/11/12 at 21st century tower near hamarain centre,deira.

  5. habiba says:

    hi friends,thanks for sharing such information,today i was also invited, but when i checked in google, i saw very shocking comments of people about vacation international, now i am not going

  6. fw9678 says:


    I one of the victim, I have read couple of suggestion from other victims as well.
    1. Go to RERA or DED (I have planned to go there on Thursday since I am not in Dubai)
    2. Do the following (based on other victims expirience)
    2.1 Don’t speak to the company, but speak to their prospective customers in the presence of company staff.
    2.2 DO NOT tell prospective customers not to join. But, explain them your experience.
    2.3. Finally where can the prospective customers found? Crowded malls or the place where you went for presentation (one of them in Mirdiff City Center near Carefour)
    2.4. Keep a resolve to recover the money and act within the legal framework… do not bad mouth, do not shout.

    I wish my self and you a good luck.

  7. Vikram says:

    Its a bit sad that people fall to this trap, even where there is a useful thing called “Google”, I was given this voucher by one of these Egyptian looking guy at the festival centre, offering us a vacation at some place..but I was not sure about thier dealings and what i found on the internet is a bunch of rascals cheating people…Sooner Dubai Govt takes action against these, better, otherwise one day people will simply leave this part of the world for good…

  8. Vikram says:

    Trust easy money meaning, fraud…hard work is the only way

  9. kochu says:

    I also got an invitation from a customer care agent from Burjuman centre and asked me to attend 90 minutes session on 31/12/2012 at 7.30 PM.I was in the burjuman centre and he asked me one silly question.I answererd him correctly.Immediately he give me a brochure filled with some details about the company, He said to me do not come single come with family.Anyway thanks to yours posting that save from the hands of these cheaters.



  11. Rajesh says:

    After 8 months of fighting I got my money back thru RERA interference. Vacation international was fined as well. If your contract doesnt say anything about contract cancellation period, then your eligible for full refund + fine to vacation international.

    All the best to remaining victims

    • Shahzad Raza says:

      Hi , I m also the victim of Vacation International. Could you please guide me how to recover my 200 Omani Rial? How RERA International can help us?

      Shahzad Raza

  12. shadab says:

    Thanks for the warning. I googled immediately after I was “invited”. When their sales lady called me the next day for follow up, I told her that I have seen bad feedback about vacation International dubai and she just hung up. BIG FRAUD.

  13. Muhammad Umer Farooq says:

    Thanks for this useful article. God bless you. I was given this lucky draw offer today. I will not go now

  14. DIcee says:

    I had been there. I knew they are cheaters still to check their mode of cheating. they are really very convincing. They use the web sites also to lure the people. The marketting people know they are but to getbthe commission they do cheat new people. Secondly I could not find any Asian expat in the staff. That was surprising.

  15. Ganapathy says:

    Now they are camping in Lamcy plaza by using DSF. I got the same experience through one egyptian lady. The very next day I got call but luckily i checked about this company and restrained myself from attending the gathering at their Hamrain center office.

  16. Marc says:

    I bought a timeshare 3 years ago but never used it yet. Did anyone try to use it?

  17. sha says:

    received an invitation for a presentation about a completely free trip to Malaysia , when I visited festival city on 2nd FEB 2013. The Agent was showing a kind document which he was referring it as proof that the business is approved and also sponsored by government of Dubai. Since I am well aware the scams in Dubai where some crocodiles eat hard earned money from innocent people, I just gave my contact number only. After that I received so many calls from morning. We are Muslim,the people who are working in that company also are Muslim. The cheatings are prohibited in islam. All wrong doings are prohibited in any other religious also. Now days, people simply forget Islamic values or practices. Easy money, lottery,etc are prohibited in Islam. But what we see, even in big business establishments,they all are give priority to lottery like business rather than the business they supposed to do. If we go to petrol stations, the number of staff used to sell the lottery tickets, is more than the staff used for filling the petrol. In some places,the companies uses non refundable type receipts for payment related matter. Authorities should look into all these scams and take series actions. Authorities should also provide authorization to companies for using non refundable receipts. This is one the people here are doing kind of fake business and sheeting innocence.

  18. S says:

    We were also approached by these people to fill out a form in Lamcy Plaza. We were about to head out to their event to collect our prize. I decided to just google the name of the company before we left. First thing I see is the gulf news article, then this page, the facebook page and many similar search results of the scam associated with Vacation International. I immediately informed my family and we cancelled our plans. I’m surprised that such people are scamming people for years and nothing has been done about it. They must be making millions by cheating people for up to 25k at a time.

    I really feel sorry for the victims. But thank you for starting this page. There are a lot of scams taking place in UAE, some to claim to work for legitimate companies. Don’t fall into the trap of feeling rushed into anything especially where large amounts of money is concerned. Research them on the internet, call the companies they claim to be associated with, talk to other people that you personally know who have bought into their schemes. If you’ve managed to avoid getting scammed, do go to the police and get them to file a report in order to protect other people. Write and educate people in order to spread the word.

    Those of you do not have enough money, why not get in touch with other victims and pool your money in and hire a lawyer together to fight your cases. It may make your case stronger. Talk to people who’ve won a case against these people to suggest their lawyers.

    Thank you all for writing in. You guys are helping others and God willing you will make up more money than what you lost because of your good intentions to help others. Best of luck!

  19. saadat ali says:

    Dear All,

    I was also trapped by these people in December 2012 and I paid around 9000AEDs to them. Fortunately, I got my money back couple of weeks back. The idea is to keep following up with them via emails, calls and personal visits.


  20. Lucian says:

    Thank you All for the warnings.
    visited Festival City and been invited in the same way to fill our info.
    the guy at the stall even dialled my mobile no. to confirm I was giving him the true information.
    also asked us not to blame him if the ‘lucky draw’ won’t be so lucky for us.
    this happened sunday 10-th feb and today monday 11-th by 11:30 i’ve got the call and been informed that i was the ‘lucky’ winner of the vacation package.
    been explained about the ‘party’ and given the right address. 30 minutes before the ‘party’ i was called to confirm attendance – but since all seemed too good to be true – i checked the internet and found a lot more than i bargained for.
    thank you all.
    my suspicion started when i remembered a ‘similar’ scheme, taking off in Romania (my country) in the 1990s and where i attended the presentation and got to learn about the timeshare concept and refused to enroll even then.
    all the best.

  21. khalid says:

    Thank a lot for starting this page. I really got an idea for thisos issues. Yesteday I got invitation from one egyption in a stall city center dubai after he asked me a silly question. And the next day to come for their big party then promised to give free holiday to malaysia. Now I decided not to attend.

  22. Bonnie says:

    Rajesh… Need to know more from you… Can I contact you ?

  23. Rajesh says:

    Hi Bonnie,

    I got my full money back through RERA interference, now somemore victims are fighting for their money through lawyer. They are waiting for the CID report.

    You can contact me through the same message thread, let it be public…

    • Shaik Abdul Raheem says:

      Hi Rajesh,

      I got trapped by vacation international today. Can you please help.

      • Rajesh says:

        The best way is to approach DED or RERA. Dont ever talk to VI staffs about your cancellation, go directly to DED or RERA office. Every offical knows about this company & their scam, there is only one point to defend yourself. You must have requested for contract cancellation within 10 days from contract signing date.

        • Moataz says:

          Hi Rajesh,
          I am also a victim of those cheaters, I signed the contract and paid 21000 aed on thu 13th of march …
          I sent a cancellation request by e-mail on fri 14th (the next day of signing my contract) …
          Accordingvto the contract i can cancel the it within 10 days of signing and then they will refund my money after deducting 1000 aed

          What should I do then to get my money back? I hove no proplems to pay the 1000 aed but i want to get the 20000 aed back

  24. mohammed says:


    Did any one try to book hotel or time share from vacation international
    Because I am now a victim of this company I paid 20000 AED

    Please advise me

    • Rajesh says:

      Every victim has tried to book hotel / rent timeshare. Obviously no one gets anything except (“we will call you back” reply by phone operator). You’ve make a decision within 10 days of contract signing, otherwise forget your 20,000AED.

  25. azhar hussain says:

    Thanks to you people, they were try to victim us today but fortunately i have search there company on internet found this information about them.
    thanks to all
    Azhar Hussain

  26. shabber ahmad says:

    OOh My Goodness, i supposed to go 4PM, they call me now to attend party,,,,its better i chech google about the same compnay,i never heard about it,,,i was thinking how all of these coming free from them,,,,,plz share these information any where,,,as i will do now,,,,,thnx again to start this page,,,,,,,,bye bye vacation international,,,,,,,,

  27. Rizwan says:

    Right now just now 10:00 pm Wednesday 13 th march 2013 I got the same invitation that I won a trip
    Just was not too sure about my luck checked the company on net and found all this

    Thanks to all of you specially Rejesh who started this thread
    The meet is happenings tomorrow at 7 pm same address

  28. TAHIR says:

    Thanks God, just now they catch me in AlGhurair Mall and they ask us 4 question
    and they give us invitation to come in office and attend seminar 90 min , but i Google it and i found this company is fraud.

    Thanks God.

  29. shameer says:

    Thank you all!!! I too got an offer from them from Dragon mall.. I felt suspicious and alhamdulilla then found these details… I wonder why the authorities even after knowing these , is not taking an action against these cheaters????

  30. Umar shah says:

    Vacation international guys gave me and my wife
    lucky draw ticket on 14 march 2013 in festival city.
    Next day I got call that I won the for 1 week and I can
    Collect the prize after attending the 90 mins presentation
    In 21 century tower, near Marriott hotel near clock tower
    Round about.
    I couldn’t google the company as I was driving all day
    Then decided to visit after having day out with kids on
    Jumera beach.
    My first impression was that its all fraud.
    I was not looking into the eyes of sales representative
    Even though he insisted why I don’t want to
    Look into his eyes and ask questions abt presentation.
    My wife got tempted at the end of presentation
    But I remained calm and told them don’t want any
    Membership and even don’t want the lucky prize vacation.
    Today i googled the company and found out that I saved

  31. John says:

    Hai, Rajesh,
    Thanks for your good updates regarding Cheaters of Vacation international, Is it possible to cancel the Agreement, with out paying the Installment. If so it will be so Useful to get ride of this Company, without money Loss.

  32. Victim_36 says:

    How can authority even knowingly allow such scabadm under their tourism roof top….. Is there a way out…. As i just signed the contract….

    My bad i dint read the contract as these pricks wre so convincing…..

    Is there a plan of action???

  33. Kunal says:

    Yesterday (8-Apr-13) night they were at Bur Juman center, They feel the form and today I am winner yeaaahhh. Thanks to you all I will give them hard time now….

    • Chan says:


      i am also victim of Vacation International in 2011. I have sent them cancellation email within 2 days of signing the contract. Can I approach RERA now for refund ? please advise.

  34. Malayali Victim says:

    I also got an invitation from a customer care agent from City center and asked me to attend 90 minutes session on 26/4/2013 at 4.00 PM.I was in the City center and he asked me about my salary and some unwanted details.I have replied him correctly.Immediately he give me a brochure and he filled with some details about me, He said me to come and attend to his office just on time and stay for 90 minutes.Then i have reached home and searched about this company on Google and i comes to know from you Mr.Rajesh..Thanks and lot from your posting on this kind of cheaters story…Angane ente Egypt shashi aayi..Hmmm.

  35. Muhammad Rauf says:

    I am also a victim, and they are just ignoring my calls and even visits to them. I had taken this in year 2009 and not used ever since.

  36. aftab says:

    Thankyou all for this info. I was about to go today to claim my “prize” after being entered into a raffle yesterday in a mall. I googled ‘Vacation International’ before doing so as it seemed too good to be true. Upon googling I soon realised this was all a scam. I wouldn’t be surprised if the company changes it’s name as there’s lots of bad info about this company. Thankyou again

  37. Mohammad Junaid says:

    Beware of “Vacations International”

    I saw them yesterday in Festival Center, I received the call also as winner. Did some research on internet and found many stories of fraud by these professional cheaters. Below is the gulfnews report

  38. pradeep k ( dubai) says:

    Dear friends ,thanks for all the mails , my wife annd myself had been invited for the party today12 th may13, my initial gut feeling was scam, checked
    the web, about vi , and horaaaaaaaaay,I AM SAVED.


  39. Shahzad Raza says:

    Please Be aware of these fraud!!!! They are moron and the made me d same. I ‘m also the victim of Vacation International. Could you please guide me how to recover my 200 Omani Rial? How RERA International can help us?

    Shahzad Raza

  40. syed sami says:

    I was also called for today’s meeting 501 21 century building abubaker siddque rad near hamrain center. I was fortune to search for some related articles and found out that its a scam. No body in the world gives any thing for free.
    Stay away!!!

  41. del says:

    Be aware they are operating in Dubai Ikea Mall. I saw them yesterday, June 24, 2013 and actually convincing us to attend a party somewhere in Diera. Today, June 25, one lady called us to claim a prize we’ve won and asking us whether we are available to attend the party. I told her no and she said that I can come on Thursday night, 7pm.

  42. Saju says:

    Yesterday I had visited DCC and Vacation International stall employee used the same modus operandi to lure me to attend the party today evening in their office near Hamrain Centre, Deira. One lady named Nada called me today and reconfirmed my attendance and offered the gift with free rooms in Egypt, Greece and Thailandhubdetails and she convinced that I am attending the party today. I told her ‘Inshahallah’.. so please use all your conscience and logical thinking before taking a decision to attend this bogus offer. Please understand nothing comes free in this world.. Don’t run when anything is offered free.. Best Regards, Saju, Dubai

  43. Dev says:

    Hi All,

    Just want to share my experience .. Not caught

    My Name is Dev, I went to festival city last Saturday 19th Oct, after all my shopping, when I was going back to my car park ( Which I forgot where I parked ) one guy from the vocational International stall approached me & explained about 5 days free holiday PKGS blaa blaa, and filled the form by himself and gave me second copy back .

    Second day after noon received a call from one lady ! wishing me and said I am the luckiest winner and I should come to the Office at 15.00 hours to collect price with my wife . I was On duty , Informed her that I won’t be able to come at 15.00 Hrs, than she offered to come at 18.00 hours still I refused , than she offered at 19.30 hours . I said not today! if they want to give my gift to someone else : Please go ahead ( Since I was not convinced ). Again she told me exceptionally she will make an appointment next day at 19.30 hours .
    Following day , I completely forgot since I was not interested .. she called and reminded me , I told her not interested since week days, suddenly she changed to week end Friday at 15.00 hours . Then knew that , this is something fishy , started Google it and found so many victims who trapped with this shameless looters .
    I am really sorry who ever lost & trapped to their scam . UAE government should take appropriate action against them . For all expatiates please mind it , there is No Buffet Dinner without money ( As someone said in Gulf News along with this article.)

    Thanks for the use full page .

  44. Jawad Ayazi says:

    One of my brother also called me that he had been invited when he was shopping today. I think that there might something but now reading your kind comments I knew that they wanted to cheat people

  45. myxlncy says:

    Guys, these freaing ass holes are done with Dubai I suppose. Because now they are found in the malls of Doha, Qatar inviting people for a 1 hours presentation and promise of holiday plans in desried locaitons….they ask some silly questions too 😉

    I guess we must post about them on all the know sites in Doha, Qatar so that innocenet people could not get trapped…..

    God bless all…. bye!!

  46. Tee says:

    pls has anyone heard about Arabian Falcon holiday in Dubai. They are also a time share vacation company and i will like to know if they are fraudulent or genuine because i just paid them 10,000AED. PLS HELP.

    Rajesh, please explain the steps you tool to get you money back.

  47. fouad says:

    I’m in the same situation as you guys, i have paid 50000AED to Arabian Falcon Holiday and I tried to cancel within 10 days but they said it is too late, now I’m trapped and I had to pay the first advance whic was 50000AED. If you guys knows an issue to this please let me know. I’m an expatriates, not always available in dubai and please how much it will cost me if I take a lawyer in order to cancel the cotract ??? if you know a lawyer that can solve timesharing issues, please guide me to him (tel and email) because i leave far away from dubai. Thanks

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