Instrument foreman

Good Morning, Sir, I have been working in Abu dhabi for 16 years, I was brought from india by an agency who supplies manpower for the company.My salary was 2000 + 400(desert allowance) to work for the company on a rotational basis ( After every 3 months i was given paid 30 days leave) . Initailly the company was not paying our salary it was my agency who paid me for at least 5 years. Every month the agency would get a specfic amount along with my salary as ticket expenses and some extra.Later as years passed by the company directly paid our salary incluse of ticket money. Also our salary increased substantially Now I have retired as the company informed my agency that it shall not grant me extensions.My last drawn salary is 8500 AED basic In such cases is the law 114/2 applicable for end of services benfit Regards
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