Absconding case in FZ Dubai

Good day! I have an absconding case in FZ Dubai and my previous employer told me that I am permanently banned now. I don’t owe anything to the company except to the fact that they sponsor my residence visa. I happen to know from Labor that my case is with the police now. What does this mean? Also, I will soon have a flight passing through Dubai (inter-terminal change), will this mean I will get arrested by the police even not passing through the passport control and immigration? I would really want to settle this problem by doing necessary legal action as my previous asked me to pay 12000 AED to lift the ban. Please advise on what to do?


About KK Sarachandra Bose

K K Sarachandra Bose (KK Bose) (born 1952 in Mezhuvelly, Kerala, India) is a Lawyer by profession and a partner at Dar Al-Adalah Advocates & Legal Consultants, and Bose & Bose and Nair, Cochin. He resides and practices his profession in Dubai, UAE. KK Bose has been involved in a lot of social activities over the past many years particularly helping Indian nationals in the Emirate of Dubai.
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  1. Michelle says:

    – Are you really absconder? OR previous employer reported you false absconding?
    – IF you are not running away, do you have evidence? ‘they are important’
    – How long ago previous employer report you as absconding at MoL?
    The best way is dealing with previous employer.
    12000dhs is asked by previous employer you meant??? TAKE it! It’s much cheaper
    than legal action.
    – IF less than three months report, you can fix it as long as you have evidence.
    (normally MoL does not listen to labor side), then you need to ask lawyer (I
    advise you lawyer who is ‘local’ nationality)
    – Case is with police? Means the report has been transferred online to Police,
    Immigration, Dubai Interior etc. If you are involved with criminal such as
    debt then you are arrested by police
    – You can’t leave the country easily even you have been at airport otherwise you
    will be arrested by police. You have to settle first with police in ADVANCE
    before departure to Police, Immigration to show ticket and scan eye for life
    Immigration ban. When everything is settled, you can go to airport and you
    will be a special escorted as deportee.
    – Once you leave UAE, life ban no mercy. The report is NOT automatically
    withdrawn after you leave the country.
    – IF you want to fix it, BEFORE you leave UAE/ scan the eyes!
    GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. Gena says:

    Hello, a have question, I work in UAE for almost 1 year I was sponsored from my Employer, during my annual leave I had an accident that did not let me came back on time to the job. I spoke with my company and they sad that they did not open a case on me but I have 6 months to come back to them to let them cancel my visa they sad that after this I can find a job in Free zone. The ugliest think is that I have a lone and I did not pay for 5 months this is the time that I am out of the UAE. If about the visa I found some information than about the lone I don’t know anything. Some if my friends that are in Dubai now told me that there is a possibility that when I will enter now back to UAE they can arrest me at the airport. Is it true?
    Please can somebody help me with this information?
    Thank you

  3. rohit says:

    Dear Sir,

    I came to Dubai on a work visa in 2010. After 9 months, I left the UAE and never returned. I did not cancel my visa. I believe that my previous employer has filed an absconding complaint against me, but I am not aware of the details.

    I have no intention of seeking employment in the UAE in future – however, I may have to enter Dubai or Abu Dhabi during the course of international travel on airlines that have a transit stop in the UAE.

    What would be the legal implications if I were to have to transit via Dubai? Would I be liable to legal action?

  4. Husain says:

    Dear Sir!!

    I have a Life Ban from Sharjah court!! This co. where I work made a case of “Breach of Trust’ against me, the court gave sent me to jail, but also asked the co. to file a civil case against me, which I also wanted, but the co. didnt and closed and left UAE. Is there anyway my court ban can be lifted, you as a law firm, can you help!!!!

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