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Hello Sir,
I am a divorcee,from Cochin,living in Australia. I have a son of 11 yr old who is under my custody. I got divorced in 2009. As per the compromise filed in March 2010, my ex husband suppose to give me my son’s passport, vaccination certificate and the no objection certificate to enable me to apply for a visa for my son to come over to Australia, immediately upon termination of all the proceedings between us in different courts. I did withdraw all the cases by the first week of April and received the passport and the vaccination certificate. Since the no objection certificate is to be done by his father who is abroad, we did not receive it on that day. The compromise file also states that I have to send my son, who is living with my parents to his father’s residence for his school holidays. I waited for 11/2 month to get the no objection letter as I had to send my son only for 10days. Since I had not received the same, I did not send my son to their house and we did let them know the reason of it. I still have not received the same. I had applied for his visa in July which is still pending due to this. I am not getting a positive reply from either of the lawyers, despite of sending many emails and phone calls. My son must be here in Australia, within 1 year of the compromise and receiving the above said 3 documents from his dad.

How can I go ahead with this? What shall I do?

It would be appreciated if you could reply me immediately.



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K K Sarachandra Bose (KK Bose) (born 1952 in Mezhuvelly, Kerala, India) is a Lawyer by profession and a partner at Dar Al-Adalah Advocates & Legal Consultants, and Bose & Bose and Nair, Cochin. He resides and practices his profession in Dubai, UAE. KK Bose has been involved in a lot of social activities over the past many years particularly helping Indian nationals in the Emirate of Dubai.
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  1. KK Bose says:

    You may ask your lawyer to issue a notice to your ex husband stating all the facts of the case and if your ex husband fails or neglects to issue no objection certificate, you may file case at the appropriate court for specific performance of the compromise contract in respect to no objection certificate and also claim adequate compensation.

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