Sponsor Forcing me to pay Absconding money

Dear Sir Mr Bose I would like to ask the following question; My passport was held by the Police for 3months due to bank loan as I was trying to get back into the country with a service visa hence I was not able to renew my visa after it expired. After three months I was bale to clear the Police case and obtained all the necessary documents from public prosecution proving they had my passport, I obtained a clearance letter to clear my name from the system too which I took them to the Immigration and my overstay fines waved away. My question is; After exit the country my Sponsor wrote an email demanding I should pay pay him 5500AED that he paid for my absconding( to prevent his card from being blocked) with the reason it was my fault and since I did not pay any overstay fines in the immigration, In spite of forwarding him all the documents I obtained from the Public prosecution and my Exit stump to help him get his money refunded, I explained my reason for not exiting on time and not paying the overstay fines. Can He complain about me when I try to get back to Dubai? what should I do about this? Kindly Help, My regards
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  1. KK Bose says:

    Based on the facts of the case narrated by you, I am of the opinion that your sponsor has no right to demand a sum of AED5,500/- that he is claiming to have paid for your absconding( to prevent his card from being blocked).

  2. sridhar says:

    how can i know i have a absconding report on me, while that is the case can i enter with visit visa. if i enter is there is any problem.

    please assist

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