Need you help , Misuse of law to put me in unlawfully obsconding case

Dear Sir, I have been working for a SAIF Zone company from last 9 months. I joined the company in month of June,2011 and the visa was stamped on my passport on 29th september,2011 and my contract is unlimited contract. But I have email copy of offer letter and joining confirmation (which Proves my joining in June,2011). Company has terminated me without giving any proper notice and justification on 1st march, 2012. My employer has also not paid me salary for last 5 months. Even though being present in country and being reachable all the times, my employer has put me under absconding status on 24th April, without informing me and this is just due to my regular fallow up for my pending dues. I have sent so many letters and emails to SAIF Zone regarding the same but they have not taken any action for this unfair absconding and regarding my unpaid 5 months’ salary. I would like to seek advise that 1. Now my employer has put me under absconding, so how to get this status changed, as it unfair because I have never been absconding and my employer has put absconding on me after giving me termination letter. 2. How to claim my 5 months’ salary and notice period money and other end of service benefits? 3. Can I take this matter to court, if SAIF Zone is not helping me? If yes, how to do that? I tried to resolve this with Mutual understanding and been to SAIF Zone authorities several times/ wrote them, but they have never replied me on the matter. Very ironically I was sitting with SAIF Zone officer for discussing my case and on the next counter my employer was making me absconder. The rule to put someone under absconder status has been properly misused by my employer to mentally and financially harass me. Please advise. I'm really broken mentally and financially, that's what my employer actually wanted, but now even i cant go out of country due to this ban i think. Dear Sir please help me and advise me. It's my humble request to you. Please sir.
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  1. abdul hakim says:


    9 months before, i was hired by a tourism company as a clerk. when i arrive in dubai, to my utter surprise, the tourism company handed over me to a freelancer.

    the freelancer , who was involved in number of criminal activities, was arrested by the police.

    now, the tourism company threatens me to cancel my visa.

    3 months before, the tourism company opened my bank account and took my atm card also.

    sir, kindly let me know what legal action i can take against the tourism company. please inform me, for this act of kindness, i will be thankful to u

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