Ban may be imposed if limited contract is broken.

Khaleej Times, Monday, October 18, 2010, Page 5

Ban may be imposed if limited contract is broken. dubai lawyer, dubai advocate, lawyers dubai uae


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K K Sarachandra Bose (KK Bose) (born 1952 in Mezhuvelly, Kerala, India) is a Lawyer by profession and a partner at Dar Al-Adalah Advocates & Legal Consultants, and Bose & Bose and Nair, Cochin. He resides and practices his profession in Dubai, UAE. KK Bose has been involved in a lot of social activities over the past many years particularly helping Indian nationals in the Emirate of Dubai.
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2 Responses to Ban may be imposed if limited contract is broken.

  1. Joan says:

    Good day! I have an absconding case in FZ Dubai and my previous employer told me that I am permanently banned now. I don’t owe anything to the company except to the fact that they sponsor my residence visa. I happen to know from Labor that my case is with the police now. What does this mean? Also, I will soon have a flight passing through Dubai (inter-terminal change), will this mean I will get arrested by the police even not passing through the passport control and immigration? I would really want to settle this problem by doing necessary legal action as my previous asked me to pay 12000 AED to lift the ban. Please advise on what to do?

    • KK Bose says:

      It seems that your employer has filed an absconding case against you and he is asking you to pay AED 12,000/- to lift the ban and the matter is now with Dubai police. In such a case, in order to cancel the absconding case, your employer will have to file application to the Labour department or you will have to appear in person and fight out the case.
      You may not get arrested in Dubai if you are a transit passenger unless an arrest warrant is issued by Interpol which in your case may not be applicable. If you are unable to appear in person, you may file a complaint to the Labour department, Ministry of Labour, UAE, through your Embassy citing the facts of the case.

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